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Best Practices

led by Braxton Baker

These group discussions will help set the tone for many more conversations throughout our time together. We want The Barnabas Connection to be a community of like-minded student ministry leaders who learn from and listen to one another. What are your latest and greatest ideas? What problems are you facing and how can we help?

Walking with Students through Grief and Sorrow

led by Laurin Maddux


How can we lead students through seasons of grief and sorrow when we are grieving and mourning as well? How can we care for our own hearts in difficult seasons, when our time and energy is so consumed with caring for others?

Small Ball Youth Ministry

led by Charles Johnson

The deepest, most lasting ministry happens over the long term through the cumulative effect of consistent faithfulness. This looks like small conversations, attention to detail, and life-long learning, rather than the exhausting pursuit of bigger and better. Let's talk about it!

More than TikTok Therapy

led by Emily Huensch

Did you know that emotional health can be contagious? That rest and play are critical to emotional health? We will talk about what it looks like to grow in your own emotional health so that you can help students grow in theirs. Let's revisit our idea of resting, playing and connecting and what a biblical view of each of these can do for us and our students.  

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